Risk Free Money - How Betting Works

Placing a bet is quite easy now especially via the internet, but there are ways in which to maximise your betting and get the most from each bet and not only that, but make easy money from it without risking a penny.

There are tons of bookmakers all queuing up for your business and they attract you in with various offers and generous free bets. Now getting something from these huge companies is good, but there's a way in which you can make money from each free bet and actually make a decent amount without any risk.


Having a facility in which to back an event (bookmaker) and a way in which to bet against the outcome or lay the event (Betfair) is the way in which this process is done and how you can build a nice bank balance. This is a way in which to take any form of gambling out of the equation and that's certainly NOT what this is about.

There are a huge amount of bookies who are constantly offering a wide and varied selection of offers and free bets including companies like -

  • Bet365

  • Betfred

  • BoyleSports

  • Coral

  • Ladbrokes

  • PaddyPower

  • ToteSport

  • William Hill

Do you want to earn 45 risk free?

You can take advantage of this and find out how betting works and will work for you without any risk. You also have the option of either banking that 45 or reinvesting it and making lots more money with additional free bets, bonuses and reloads totalling 1000+

So who is this suitable for?

Basically anyone who's over 18 and with an internet connection. This is probably the easiest way in which to make 1000+ you'll ever experience, so if you're a student, a work at home mum, an elderly person or someone who wants to follow a few basic rules and make some RISK FREE BETTING MONEY then, what are you waiting for?

The three simple things you need to follow in order to get the most from this excellent opportunity -

1. Make sure the bookie is offering a free bet with any new account.

2. You have enough money in your Betfair account to match the bookie free bet.

3. Your bookie odds are the same as Betfair or very similar. 



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